SAPSA / Dedicated Sport Shooting Application


SAPSA / Dedicated Sport Shooting Application

Should you wish to be South African Practical Shooting Association (SAPSA) affiliated please complete the Boland Practical Shooting Association application form.

Kindly also complete the Dedicated Sports Shooting application form should you wish to apply for dedicated sports shooter status.

BPSA and SAPSA affiliation form

Application for dedicated Sports Shooting Person Letter

Endorsement Request Form

The completed forms (together with the proof of payment in the case of the BPSA and SAPSA affiliation form) must be emailed to

Kindly note:

To qualify as a dedicated sport shooter you must first of all be affiliated to BPSA (Boland Practical Shooting Association) and SAPSA (South African Practical Shooting Association).

Thereafter, you need to obtain 6 shooting credits per year. You will accumulate 1 credit for a Club competition, 2 for a Provincial competition and 3 credits for a National competition you participate in.

After you have obtained minimum 6 credits within a 12-month period, you can approach our Secretary and apply for a letter from SAPSA declaring you a dedicated sports shooter.

It is each shooter’s responsibility to keep track of his/her credits.